About Us

The Copenhagen Festival Ensemble

is a new Danish music-group based in Copenhagen, which is dedicated to the highest performance quality of classical music from the Baroque area, throughout the Classical, Romantic, 20th century and to today’s music.
Consisting of some of Denmark’s finest young musicians, CFE’s aim is to promote unique cultural attitude in building fascinating musical programs and serve them to the audience.

One of Copenhagen Festival Ensemble’s goals, is to create a meaningful cultural experience for the listeners through inviting world-known musicians to play side by side with its members.
Thus we hope to create a multi-cultural dialogue with superb musicians and have exchange concerts in various countries.

More ever, CFE’s visions is to involve itself with educational programs for the younger generation, bringing them closer to the deep layers of classical music and its dominant cultural function in lecture-concerts played in schools allover Denmark.

The Copenhagen Festival Ensemble is set to bring the new sounds of strong compositions written today to the audience through an open call for composers to send their works, through commissioning new compositions especially written for the ensemble and through collaborations with living composers worldwide.

We believe in the power of music to contribute to people’s high life quality all over and wish to invite you to come and listen to us live, and support our mission.


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